The Night Below Osteth

Bandits of the Mine

As the group faced off with the group of bandits guarding the mine shaft, they were unaware they harbored a traitor. The gnome Tinsley was secretly one of the bandits, and it didn’t take long for him to seize the opportunity to turn on the party. Under the cover of an obscuring mist created by Barrah, Tinsley stabbed Quinray in the back before retreating into the shadows. In the meantime, the rest of the group battled the guards and their second gnome ally. The tide of the battle quickly turned in the party’s favor, with one of the gnomes and the leader of the guards managing to escape down the mine shaft.

After a short rest to heal and catch their breath, the party followed their enemies. While exploring below, they discovered the diseased body of a wizard floating in a pool, as well as a cavern containing a singing shrieker which attempted to mesmerize the party so that its violet fungus companion could rot their bodies, giving the two fertilizer off which to feed. Luckily, Gnarl was able to counter the shrieker’s ability, allowing the group to make their escape.

However, the escape proved to be short-lived, for upon exiting the fungus cavern, the group was confronted by the remaining guards from above, as well as their allies, a pair of evil priests and their zombie minions. In the pitched battle that ensued, the group looked to be on the verge of defeat a number of times, ultimately defeating the villains by the slimmest of margins. After resting and recovering, the group discovered the bandits’ treasure, including a spectacular magical house, as well as a passageway deeper underground, blocked by a huge set of bronze double doors, requiring a set of two keys to open. The party recovered one key from the bandits’ treasure, but without the second key, they were unable to open the doors. The group must now decide what their next move will be.


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