The Night Below Osteth

Session 1: Introduction to the characters

Briefly, all characters were introduced along with some back story and how we came to be joining the caravan. Most joined without incident. Joe, Rob, and Mike’s characters joined to travel south and remind some of the distant keeps and duchies of their obligations to pay taxes. Jon’s dwarven fighter decided she had done enough smithing and wanted to get out and see the world. Baarah, having arrived from the southern archipelagos, ended up snowed into the northern provinces for a very uncomfortably cold winter (understanding, at last, why these dry-landers insisted on always wearing so much clothing,) and was joining the caravan to head south and go explore some of these disturbing dreams of Umberlee’s forces mustering in the south. Pat’s gnome bard decided that he had warn out his welcome with the locals (admittedly, the numerous warrants sworn out against him helped) and, after some skullduggery and chicanery, ended up signing on as…moral support? We’re not sure. In any case, assembled at last, the caravan headed south.


jojochas adamrogers2

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