A Brief Timeline of Osteth

c. -17600 DR

During the chaos following the Sundering, the aquatic elf city of Imladris is destroyed in an unexplained calamity. No survivors are found, and all residents of the city are presumed dead. In reality, the survivors flee the since-forgotten threat, arriving on the island of Osteth and starting a new civilization there. Upon realizing no elves live on the island, the aquatic elves assume the rest of elvenkind has been wiped out. Over the millenia, the aquatic elves evolve into the race known as the Imladrii, or Isle Elves.

1300 DR
The isle of Osteth is discovered by explorers from the Sword Coast, including Rikard Graven, a hero of some renown.

c. 1300-1305 DR
Permanent settlements are established on Osteth, and the explorers have their first skirmishes with inhabitants of the island, an unusually strong tribe of orcs. Reports of attacks on explorers in the nearby forests indicate that someone or something else inhabits Osteth, as well.

1307 DR
With orc attacks blunted, Rikard Graven takes an expeditionary force to explore Osteth. Sometime within the next two years, he and his force establish a keep at the eastern end of the isthmus connecting the two halves of the island.

1315 DR
First official contact between the Imladrii and the settlers from Faerun. A handful of skirmishes take place between the two groups, but both are forced to turn their attention to fending off the other denizens of Osteth.

1329 DR
Under the weight of a massive assault from an army of orcs supported by a number of more dangerous and powerful creatures, Graven’s Keep falls. Without the keep to act as a bulwark against the monstrous hordes from the west, most of the other settlements on Osteth also fall. Only a few coastal villages with natural defenses and the capital city of Argoness remain. Surprisingly, despite their steadfast refusal to communicate with the Faerunian settlers, the Imladrii seem to direct their military efforts toward occupying the orcs’ and goblinoids’ attention. In truth, the Imladrii, satisfied that the humans and other settlers pose them no threat, have determined that the time may come when they will need allies against their mortal enemies.

1349 DR
Gems, gold and other precious metals are discovered in the northern mountains of Osteth, leading to an influx of new settlers.

1352 DR
The City of Tol Kein and the Barony of Vo Mandig are established in the north of Osteth.

1353 DR
Diplomatic relations are opened between the Imladrii and the Kingdom of Alluvia, leading to a joint expedition to the inner sea of Osteth. One team of explorers discovers a ruined keep, bringing an artifact found therein to the young leader of the diplomatic talks, a human named Rayf Loran, who takes it back to Waterdeep with him.

1358 DR
The Time of Troubles passes with little impact on Osteth. Scholars later learn this to be due to the effect of unnaturally powerful ley lines on the island.

1361 DR
The Pandions (Rayf Loran, Arwen Arrowny, Marcus Enegro, Antony Chekovic, Megosh Underhill, Torvil Blackbow, and Earendil Trueblade) arrive on Osteth, exploring a great deal of territory and expanding the frontier.

1367 DR
Wedding of Arwen Arrowny and Marcus Enegro.

1379 DR
Graven’s Keep rediscovered by Beorn Winterborne, Deuroth Silvershield, Raven, Lurien and Illista Graven.
Prince Mellan’s attempt to assassinate his father, King Lareth, is foiled by the Winter Company.

1380 DR
The Winter Company defeats the Flamed One, Tyranthraxus and his minions, dealing a severe blow to the hordes of the west.
Beorn Winterborne revealed as the true heir of Rikard Graven.
Illista Graven revealed as the daughter of Rayf Loran.
Wedding of Beorn and Illista Graven.

1385 DR
While the Spellplague runs wild over the rest of Faerun, Osteth is again shielded from disaster by its ley lines. However, the sheer amount of arcane energy released by the death of Mystra effectively destroys the lines. Goblinoids and orcs take advantage of the weakened humanoid kingdoms to start a war in northern Alluvia.

1386 DR
Reports cite the death of Sir Antony Chekovic defending a village south of Tol Kein.

1388 DR
War with the orcs and goblinoids grinds to a close. Southern lords begin to withhold aid requested by King Lareth, along with tribute. Tensions between various alliances of lords rise.

1390 DR
Duke of the South assassinated by a coalition of southern Barons. One of their own is placed on the throne and the south declares its independence with its capital the coastal city of Vo Graine

1391 DR
The Duke of the North withdraws military support to King Lareth, forcing the king to recognize the southern kingdom of Sorlund. With this act, political tensions rise in the north.

1395 DR
King Lareth dies suddenly, leaving no clear heir, thrusting Alluvia into chaos. The Barony of Vo Mandor, refusing to be drawn into the fray, grows largely independent.

1401 DR
Argoness finally crowns a new king, Lerrin of Palone. He still claims all lands east of the Jeweled Sea, but in truth rules only the eastern third of the former realm of Alluvia.

1407 DR
Sorlund attempts to invade Alluvia, but the invasion is repelled due largely to the combined efforts of forces from Tol Kein and Graven’s Keep. In return, Vo Mandig is granted dominion over the land west of the controlled zone of Alluvia, while Graven’s Keep is recognized as its own duchy, Estmarch.

A Brief Timeline of Osteth

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