The Night Below Osteth

Session 2: A Meeting, an Ambush and a Kidnapping

The caravan embarked on its journey south and west down the mountains. Near the last pass out of the mountains, the travelers came upon a lone figure lost in some sort of trance. The trance prevented the elf from noticing the approach of the caravan, and as some of the outriders questioned his motives, an orcish battle cry rang out. Rising up from cleverly hidden battlements carved into the walls of the pass, javelins rained down on the wagons and their protectors while a few larger orcs (those known as Hrekkah in the tongue of the Isle Elves) charged the caravan to engage the strongest-looking guards. Quinray was cut off from the rest of the group and helped to defend the caravan against an attack from the rear. Meanwhile, Koreth and Gnarl provided support while Barrah, Kell, Ember and the elf closed to melee with the Hrekkah. The elf was caught off-guard by the strength and tenacity of these orcs and quickly cut down. Fortunately, the attackers had underestimated the strength of the caravan’s guards and were driven off in relatively short order, allowing some timely first aid and magical healing to save the elf’s life. He introduced himself as Thaelen, a practitioner of the arts of the magus and offered to travel with the caravan for a while as thanks for his rescue. After a total of roughly one month of travel marked by stops in towns and villages near the previous border of Vo Mandig, the company reached its first unmapped settlement, the village of Milborne. The caravan master and Quinray left the others to find the town’s leaders and set up a meeting to deliver the news of the village’s new standing. The rest of the group enjoyed a (mostly) relaxing evening, topped off by a nice dinner in the town’s nicer inn, the Baron of Mutton. As the dinner came to a close, the peaceful evening was disturbed by shouts from the caravan master that seemed to have been cut off in reverse. The party stormed out the doors of the inn to see the caravan master under attack from a pair of thugs. Koreth and Barrah noticed a second, larger group of thugs fleeing into the night with two individuals slung over the shoulders of a pair of their number. The party looked to make short work of the pair of thugs, but were slowed by an attack from the shadows at the hands of a sniper. The would-be assassin was found and neutralized, but not before she and her fellows had managed to slow pursuit significantly. Ember helped the injured caravan master back to the safety of the inn, while Barrah cast a spell to allow herself to move more rapidly in a chase after the kidnappers. As the rest of the group decided what course of action to take, the caravan master groaned to Ember, “You’ve got to stop them. They’ve taken Quinray, and a local girl. I don’t know what they mean to do with them, but you can’t let it happen.”


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